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Connectivity house is a quaint bungalow in the woods where a short trip on a scenic bike ride brings you to the beach. Tucked away  down by the shore and minus all the crowds it is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Across from your private bungalow is a active graveyard that holds extreme influencing power to connect to the other side. At the beach you will become washed in the electricity of the wealth infusion and soul cleansing. Once you become a active wealth magnet take a trip to Atlantic City and enjoy the card tables or one armed bandits. Maybe you will see Lindy there yelling about those yahts and how she must get herself one. See posted video of Lindy girl gone wild!

Activities await you!!! Enjoy a past life regression and then a Placement Path if you so seek it. A Placement Path is after your regression we will place into your path what you want in life so that you WILL obtain it. There is NOTHING like this service!  This service can be done on anyone from those who have never had a transformation to those who have. This fixes life path and head issues too! When we are done with you, you WILL be your own ruler in your own world!

Take part in evening activities like connecting to the Earth and what the universe has to offer by enjoying a outdoor bath among the trees. Don't worry no one will see you naked! While doing that communicate with the special Fae we allow to live in the yard.

If you so desire take part in a seance or a tarot card reading that will last the entire year.

All of these things are included in your stay! Along with a special surprise or two.

Other details.

There is no need to bring anything with you other then you and your clothes. Everything you need is there and replaced with each customer. If you want to never leave during your stay stop and buy groceries as there is a full kitchen for your use. The kitchen will have beverages along with snacks already there for you. We also provide champagne but if you do not want it or can't have it let us know when you order. Everything in the bungalow is detailed from the soap and shampoo to the feel of the sheets.  This is a non smoking house but you may smoke outside on the back deck and enjoy the outdoors.

Other activities can include a direct connection with that special someone you are seeking. This will work for even the toughest of cases. It works because WE are going to work with you one on one.  There are many things we can offer during your stay and the price is right, believe me.

A two day two night stay is 1,000 or stay a week and get fully worked over from your Kundalini to your mental health for 2,500 stay a week and become a super power or just relax. There is no time at Connectivity house, you decide what you want to do.

Email to book or just place this in your cart. We are taking reservations starting now for October. During certain times of the year the outdoor bath may not be able to be used. If it isn't we can duplicate the magic of the bath with our special cleansing ingredients, you will just have to do inside.

Video's of the area and Connectivity house are coming soon and will be on Youtube.