115,000  Year Old Vampire Bones
115,000  Year Old Vampire Bones

115,000 Year Old Vampire Bones

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I'll give it to you straight, no chaser.  When it comes to research, a lot of times the people who are in charge of telling us what history is all about sometimes fail miserably.  Such is the case of the researchers who reported on the 115,000-year-old bones that were found in Poland.  The bones were found in a cave and they are more than twice the age of bones that were previously found near the same location.  Due to the fact that the bones showed signs of having been gnawed on, the researchers came to the conclusion that her body must have been food for the birds.  
A few of these bones have been shipped to us off the record from a source we had who was on the job in Poland.  We have had and have been working with these bones for the last five years after they were discovered in 2013.  Five long years later we are ready to unveil our findings after having worked with the bones for half a decade.  Yes, the bones are over 100,000 years old.  Yes, the human to which the bones once belonged suffered a terrible demise, but it was not at the hands of some prehistoric killer bird.  Rather, the young girl, to whom the bones once belonged, was a victim of something far more savage than that.  She was attacked by a sanguine vampire after the clan she belonged to happened upon a cave where the vampire lived.  The rest is pretty much history.  She was drained of her blood when the vampire decided that he was going to treat himself to a meal.  This was a very dark kind of vampire, but lucky for us the girl did not turn dark in her spiritual afterlife. 
Through working with these bones we were able to develop a connection to the girl, whose soul lives on in vampire form after having been turned into a vampire after coming in contact with vampire blood.  We have been able to summon the presence of the girl vampire into this piece.  Although her soul is thousands of years old, she remains a six year old in spirit form.  It's kind of hard to describe.  However, she has come to full maturation and her powers are amazing.  She now lives in this piece, so it is a spirited item. 
When you won this piece, the vampire girl will show herself to you is spirit form.  She will take you by the hand and will transfer all of her vampiric power and knowledge to you through a physiological gate that she will open that will allow her powers to duplicate themselves in your body.  These powers include mind control, full psychic awakening and ability, vampire healing, astral travel, hypnosis, wealth, and a variety of other powers.  This piece will not do the sex and seduction stuff.  This girl is still only six years old in her mind, despite the fact that her soul is ancient.  This piece is not dark in any way shape or form and what you are getting is pure, innocent, sanguine vampire abilities from the imprint of a child's mind so they are pretty much white light, but extremely powerful